The healthcare industry has been in a phase of transformation for some time.

In developed markets, the growing cost of medical care, rising insurance cost, and HMOs are forcing companies into mergers, more cost-effective product development, and rapid commercialization of new molecules. It also results in taking products more rapidly from a prescription category to OTC.

Additionally, a large number of products continuing to go off-patent creates opportunities for generic companies to source products globally or for international companies to participate in developed markets.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to grow in developing markets to meet the basic needs of growing populations. However, some of these countries have developed manufacturing in bulk medicines (such as China) and generics/formulations (such as India), giving them the confidence to export to developed markets. They are now WTO compliant and understand the FDA approval process, and have also determined ways of distributing products not only in under-developed markets but also in developed markets.

How we add value

Having worked for leading OTC and RX companies, Cedar has a strong understanding of business issues that these companies need to address in a market that offers both challenges and opportunities. Cedar has also worked with a large number of diagnostic and medical device companies globally.

Assessing global market opportunities, creating new supply chains, to developing group strategy using the Balanced Scorecard framework are some examples of how we have added value to our healthcare industry clients.

  • For the pharmaceutical industry, COVID-19 has brought both disruption to tackle and opportunities to harness. Cedar has extensive experience in designing Balanced Scorecard frameworks to transform the strategy of pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
  • Harnessing patient, disease, and purchase data to inform R&D efforts is increasingly critical. We have developed a comprehensive toolbox of proprietary technology that is designed to arm you with the deep data-driven insights you need to drive innovation.
  • As deals and consolidation rise across the industry, pharmaceutical companies will require robust due diligence and corporate finance processes. Our extensive work across M&A and post-merger integration activities makes us your partner of choice for corporate finance.
  • The pharmaceuticals industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation across all segments. As telemedicine and online medicine purchases continue to rise, an actionable digital roadmap will be essential. Our deep digital expertise positions us well to build it with you.
  • Entering a new market comes with many decisions, including the choice between entering solo or in a joint venture partnership. Cedar brings decades of experience in entry strategy in complex geographies to build a plan tailored to your needs.
  • Rising demand for effective, low-price medicines and an increasing preference for generics is pushing pharmaceutical companies to drive down costs. We can implement our best-in-class, innovative operations programs to help you reduce costs and improve productivity.
  • The pharmaceuticals industry faces the challenge of a depleting workforce and lack of high-quality talent. As a thought leader in human capital management, Cedar is well-equipped to help you design a talent acquisition and retention strategy that lasts.
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