The consumer goods industry has experienced unprecedented change across categories, as COVID-19 restrictions and the resulting shifts in consumer behavior have transformed the industry landscape.

Economic profits from the global fashion industry are expected to drop owing to COVID-19-induced disruptions. These disruptions have prompted apparel and footwear retailers to rapidly innovate their business models and operations to strengthen connections with new and existing customers. This includes shifting operations to recreate and surpass the physical retail experience in an online format.

The food and beverage industries are also experiencing significant shifts as consumers increasingly expect sustainable, healthy, offerings with a focus on natural ingredients. Supply chain disruption will also require continued management, re-alignment, and innovation to overcome into the years to come.

As consumers are increasingly interested in enhancing the household experience – due to extended periods at home – the household durables and electronic appliances & devices industry have seen a significant uptake across categories. Sporting and leisure products have also seen a shift in demand from outdoor equipment to products built for indoor use.

While consumer demand for health and personal care products has not declined, customer expectations in this industry have increased significantly. Consumers demand adherence to a high level of health, and safety across products, with a stronger preference for products with antibacterial and sanitization properties.

How we add value

Cedar has over three decades of experience in building and implementing breakthrough strategies for key consumer goods brands globally. Some key successes include assisting a global white-goods manufacturer in entering two large emerging markets and the development of corporate strategy using the Balanced Scorecard framework for a leading apparel brand, among others. We understand all key aspects of this business – product strategy, component sourcing, plant location selection, inventory management, marketing, sales & distribution. In addition to this, our expertise in developing breakthrough digital and online strategy could make the difference between survival and success.

  • Unprecedented disruption to supply chains has driven many consumer goods organizations to re-evaluate their manufacturing and distribution strategy. Cedar has extensive experience in designing a Balanced Scorecard framework to evaluate and transform your strategy.
  • Data is the single most powerful tool for understanding and acting upon consumer behavior insights. We have developed a comprehensive toolbox of proprietary technology that is designed to arm you with the deep data-driven insights you need to drive innovation.
  • COVID-19 has driven many businesses in apparel and footwear and F&B to consolidate as a means of survival. Our extensive work across due diligence, M&A, and post-merger integration activities places us well as your partner in all corporate finance processes.
  • Research and buying decisions for apparel and FMCG goods are increasingly conducted through digital channels, making a robust digital platform critical to success. We harness our deep expertise in digital strategy formulation to equip you with an actionable roadmap.
  • Entering new markets has become increasingly challenging for food and beverage companies, due to an increase in import and safety regulations. Cedar brings decades of experience in entry strategy in complex geographies to build a plan tailored to your needs.
  • COVID-19 has caused widespread losses in the apparel and footwear industry, pushing companies to optimize costs. We can implement our best-in-class operations programs to help you innovate processes to reduce costs and improve productivity.
  • Optimizing workforce productivity is critical for the apparel and sports products industries as businesses increasingly face budget cuts and closures. As a thought leader in human capital management, Cedar is your strategic partner in workforce transformation.
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