Execution Excellence | Making Strategy Work using the Balanced Scorecard

Sanjiv Anand brings his 30 years of consulting experience of crisscrossing the globe, helping clients across industries, of all shapes in sizes, make strategy work and bring execution excellence to their firms. And the framework he has used is the renowned Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework, the world’s leading strategy execution and performance management system.

This book is less about the theory of the BSC, but more about how to effectively use the BSC to execute strategy based on the over 400 scorecards designed by him, and his team.

Most importantly, the book has real world examples of Strategy Maps and Scorecards across 10 different industries, along with case studies of successful implementation of the BSC.

Unlocking Human Capital to drive Performance: A CEO's Handbook

As markets are becoming more challenging or have started to grow at rapid rates, the challenge of managing human capital has increased significantly. Many CEO's complain, more than ever, that they have turned into "HR Managers". Managing the employee through the complete lifecycle, in many cases, has become harder than even managing the customer lifecycle. Not only has the CEO's office been impacted, but even the corporate boardroom.

Sanjiv Anand, Cedar's Chairman takes his 30+ years of global managing consulting experience to share his observations and experiences of what CEO's around the world go through from the CEO desks of a Fortune 500 company in Texas, to a bank in South Africa, to Family owned businesses in the Middle East, to the fast growing corporations of India.

More importantly in his rapid and lucid style, Sanjiv identifies the top 20 strategic and operational answers to managing human capital at the CEO level, right from recruiting, executive compensation, culture, succession planning, and managing the board on these issues. The book with its many satirical illustrations is designed to make the topic an easy read.