Since its inception in 1985, Cedar has designed and executed over 400 successful Balanced Scorecards across industries worldwide, significantly enhancing our clients’ financial and operational performance and deepening our expertise.

Our unique heritage positions us as global thought leaders on the Balanced Scorecard, as the creators of the framework — Dr. David Norton and Professor Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School — founded the firm in which Cedar was originally established. As a result, our teams are equipped with the extensive Balanced Scorecard knowledge you need to drive strategy and execution excellence.

The COVID-19/20 crisis has resulted in an economic environment for which you’ll not only need a new, breakthrough business model in order to survive, but also a framework to ensure its successful execution. Despite this, less than 10% of strategies formulated worldwide are, in fact, executed effectively, due to a lack of robust and balanced strategic management systems.

The Balanced Scorecard is uniquely designed to remediate this issue, as it operationalizes your strategy and vision by creating a system of clearly linked and actionable objectives, measures, targets, and initiatives. Challenging traditional notions that performance measurement is solely tied to financial parameters, the approach is holistic in nature, as it also takes into account key customer, internal process, and learning and growth factors.

While devised at the corporate level, the Scorecard can be quickly and seamlessly cascaded down to all operational functions of the organization, and closely aligned individual performance measures (IPMs) can be developed to build an enterprise-wide performance management system (PMS) that drives real results.

Cedar’s business intelligence division, Cypress Analytica, leverages our Balanced Scorecard knowledge to build world-class automation tools, equipped with highly innovative analytics capabilities and intuitive dashboards to drive organizational transformation.

Our Balanced Scorecard experience spans from building a high-impact growth strategy for a leading global bank, to successful strategy deployment for a top logistics company, to organizational transformation for a large textile and paper group.

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