The energy industry is undergoing unprecedented, significant change with the advent of both technological innovation and the rising power of sustainability movements.

Despite the drastic downward trend in global oil prices, the benefits of moving to renewable energy sources continue to increase. This, along with greater concerns for the environment, are acting as strong catalysts for increased adoption of renewable energy, which today accounts for ~26% of global energy consumption. Wind and solar energy will continue to dominate the on-grid power, while biofuel blending in gasoline & cheaper fuel cells will likely start a new market for clean transport.

Global demand for conventional energy is rapidly shifting to, and growing in, emerging economies. This is causing fundamental changes in strategy for energy companies in the areas of markets, costs, supply chains, manpower, and technology. Furthermore, the shift is across both upstream and downstream products and services.

Technology also plays a pivotal role in accelerating innovation and increasing safety across energy industries. Wearable technologies are enhancing health and safety efforts for site workers, helping them make informed multi-factor decisions, while AR and VR technologies allow risk assessment processes to be conducted from a safe distance.

Overall, the energy industry is set to undergo a pivotal shift in the decade to come. Organizations will be required to adapt and innovate rapidly to keep up with fluctuations in consumption and supply.

How we add value

Cedar has experience in conventional energy products and services across the value chain. From offshore drilling to petroleum retailing, Cedar’s teams have helped clients in emerging and developing economies in strategy formulation and enterprise performance management using the Balanced Scorecard, improving operations in supply and logistics and building loyalty programs.

Cedar’s renewable energy expertise spans wind, solar and biofuels. It has assisted multiple clients in assessing opportunities, demand, and developing forecasts in renewable energy and its related equipment and components. Cedar has also developed a comprehensive renewable energy report covering global markets, technologies, forecasts, trends, government policies, and investment analysis.

  • Optimizing operations to implement more sustainable processes and outcomes is increasingly important in the energy industry. Cedar has extensive experience in designing a Balanced Scorecard framework to evaluate and transform your strategy.
  • Use of data-driven IoT technology is increasing to optimize costs and improve productivity in energy generation. We have developed a comprehensive toolbox of proprietary technology that is designed to arm you with the deep data-driven insights you need to drive innovation.
  • Deal activity is expected to rise across the energy value chain to meet upcoming climate goals. Our extensive work across due diligence, M&A, and post-merger integration activities places as well as your partner in all corporate finance initiatives.
  • The energy industry is ripe for disruption and digital transformation, as customers increasingly expect fast, online solutions to simple problems. We harness our deep expertise in digital strategy formulation to equip you with an actionable roadmap.
  • The next decade of energy security lies in exploring and expanding to production facilities in new markets. Cedar brings decades of experience in entry strategy in complex geographies to build a plan tailored to your needs.
  • Operations effectiveness and efficiency is key to safeguarding your future in the energy production industry. We can implement our best-in-class operations programs to help you innovate processes to reduce costs and improve productivity.
  • Effectively managing a workforce across specializations, practice areas, and geographies is a key tenet of running a successful business in the energy industry. As a thought leader in human capital management, Cedar is your strategic partner in workforce transformation.

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