Cedar is a global strategy consulting, research, and analytics firm with a 35-year track record and clients across multiple industry sectors. Since 1985, our teams have assisted clients in areas of strategy, process innovation, strategic human capital, and business technology, among others, with a strong focus on the Financial Services sector. As a full-suite management consulting firm, Cedar assists clients across these areas in an integrated fashion – from strategy formulation, to execution, and implementation.

The firm’s heritage includes being part of the former US$1 billion Renaissance Worldwide, whose leadership included the creators of the Balanced Scorecard – the world’s leading strategy deployment and performance management tool used by organizations globally.

Our specialist Financial Services practice serves as the firm’s center of excellence, and offers innovative advisory, research, and accelerator capabilities to the players in the global Financial Services ecosystem, covering all aspects of their business models.

Cedar’s group unit, UK-headquartered IBS Intelligence, is a leading global pure-play financial technology research, news analysis, and advisory firm with clients across the financial services universe. For more than 30 years, IBS Intelligence has been the definitive source for independent in-depth analysis of global financial technology markets. IBSI’s annual Sales League Table (SLT) is considered the global industry barometer ranking leading banking technology suppliers globally.

The Cedar-IBSi platform also runs the Cedar-IBSI FinTech Lab, a BankTech/B2B FinTech accelerator that has been home to 35+ successful FinTechs since 2017, and aims to become the go-to FinTech Lab in the region in the years to come.

Cedar’s independent Venture Capital fund (Owned in India by SEBI-registered trust, Cedar-IBSi Capital. Registration No. IN/AIF2/22-23/1185), announced in 2023, will leverage the strong knowledge and intelligence backbone of Cedar-IBSi’s 30+ year track record in global financial services and technology research and consulting. The $30-50 million fund will build a portfolio of 15-20 companies with a strong focus on the BankTech and B2B FinTech space, hoping to create value for founders in multiple strategic areas beyond capital.