Life at Cedar


Unlimited learnings and knowledge. This is our most valuable asset. Knowledge and learnings from 30-years of consulting work across industries from around the world. We do our best to ensure that this knowledge spreads vertically and horizontally across levels of the organization. Some examples of the platforms we use to help us achieve this include periodic technical training and certifications, bi-weekly knowledge sessions, 1-1 guidance and mentorship sessions by leadership, among others.

Highly entrepreneurial “roll up your sleeves" culture. In fact, some of the consulting practices and business ventures we run today, were born from ideas that came from brainstorming sessions within our teams.

Strong client focus. At the heart of our culture and values is a strong client focus. Client is king. Our commitment to this motto, coupled with the fact that organizations globally rely on us for strategic help, means that our work environments are high-intensity and require hard work. We promote a “work hard play hard” culture.

Open-door nonhierarchic culture. Owing to our entrepreneurial and self-starter culture, we do our best to make our office environments feel like home, with open spaces and trading-floor styled workspaces. Everybody sits together. Senior leadership is accessible to consultants across levels and ideas are brainstormed and shared openly.

Buddy and mentorship program. We recognize the steep learning curves that consultants climb every day to perform better. Especially in dynamic team environments where one is often on multiple client cases simultaneously. Our buddy programs aim to speed up and flatten learning curves for new consultants, and also encourages consultants to build relationships and make friends along the way.

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