As telecom penetration in developed markets has exceeded 100%, carriers have focused on developing successful strategies in the pre-paid, data, and wireless broadband businesses. There has also been the need to build more cost-effective customer acquisition and retailing models.

In developing markets, the wireless business is growing at a 30%+ growth rate, creating significant opportunities for incumbents. Minimizing the cost of customer acquisition and churn, as well as managing both a large pre-paid and post-paid business, will be essential for success.

While 5G also creates opportunities for growth, it requires significant capital investment in infrastructure. In addition to this, SME opportunities are under-leveraged. The rapid penetration of smartphones has been a positive technology disruption, as it allows banks and other product categories to move customers to a wireless online channel directly from the teller to the smartphone, therefore eschewing the need for a laptop or desktop.

Cedar has been consulting to the telecom industry since its liberalization in the USA in 1984. The team has since worked across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, including significant experience in South Korea, an extremely well-developed telecom and broadband market.

We have worked on key aspects of the wireline business, including on market and customer trends, technology, operational support systems, and changing regulations. We also hold significant knowledge of the wireless business, having worked worldwide in both the 3G and CDMA technology space, and now 4G.

How we add value

Cedar harnesses its 3 decades of experience using the Balanced Scorecard to develop breakthrough strategies for its telecom clients. Speak with us today to discover how we can transform your business.

  • Predictive analytics are increasingly crucial to achieve sustainability and success in the telecom industry. We have developed a comprehensive toolbox of proprietary technology that is designed to arm you with data-driven insights to future-proof your strategy.
  • Despite the global COVID-19 crisis, deal activity in the telecom sector remained flat and is expected to rise. Our extensive work across due diligence, M&A, and post-merger integration activities places as well as your partner in all corporate finance processes.
  • With 5G technology set to transform the global telecom industry landscape, telecom companies will have a plethora of digital opportunities to capture. We harness our deep expertise in digital strategy formulation to equip you with an actionable roadmap.
  • Telecom companies looking to enter new markets will require deep understanding of the potential market, as well as ensuring total regulatory compliance. Cedar brings decades of experience in entry strategy in complex geographies to build a plan tailored to your needs.
  • Talent management, including training, retention, and structuring, plays a key role in organizational success. As a thought leader in human capital management, Cedar is a strategic partner of choice in workforce transformation for companies worldwide.

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