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Nature and its manifestations have always held inspiration for Cedar’s vision and mission. Keeping with our name, our Brand too, taking on from our logo, with its ‘cerebral’ feel and earthy colors, reflect facets of nature.

Trees bring us closer to Nature.

Cedar has taken on the mandate of an active change agent towards building a greener planet. On behalf of its community, of its employees, their families, its esteemed clients, partners and well wishers, Cedar has adopted the cause of repaying nature for all it provides, in its own measures. We have associated with Grow Trees to make concrete steps towards a greener planet by growing trees. Grow Trees provides us with a green alternative to celebrating occasions, festivals, company wins and milestones.

In partnership with Grow Trees, Cedar inspires its employees and clients to plant trees. Cedar celebrates the birthdays and anniversaries of its employees by planting trees on their behalf and the employees in turn receive a token of appreciation for the good deed. Similarly, Cedar celebrates every new client with this inspirational green gesture, spreading the "go green" message.

We invite our clients and partners to join us in this green endeavor with Grow Trees, plant trees and bring back the greenery. Please visit http://www.grow-trees.com/

Grow Trees

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